Is this thing on ?

Is there anyone out there seeing my posts ?

Why is it so hard being so self centred ?

i really don’t mean to be but it is just how it is ,no one listens no one sees me. It is like I am a ghost or mirage in the desert.

We all just want to be herd …. But no one communicates, we have lost the five senses and evolved to turn to media for comfort . People are just another distraction ?


The Chaser Australia

Firstly , I personally love this show!

Secondly , I don’t like the host Andrew. I never actually have .

I think he enjoys to much self centred tv time .

Seems Andrew wants to be complete centre of attention..

What do you think about his hand geustures?

I tell you what I think !!!  what is happening when he is asking the questions ?

Firstly his dramatic style of asking the question , actually takes more time . dragging out of worlds tactically; Andrewis a smart man he doesn’t get these gigs for nothing .

body language plays an importaint role .Andrews ablity as a professional optical illusionist. While his is moving his hands in tactical manner ; it is distracting your brain .  as your mind is Searching and recalling .but missing importaint  key points due to his expertise in timing and getting results. I am pretty sure he was a lawyer .

This is causing the reflex fight or flight ,as your peripheral vision is being over active in critical recalling seconds. This is a natural response to alarm your brain to be on gaurd of danger.

The contestant is  already in a stressful situation without the added “alertness” he gives with hand gesturing .

Watch his response to the incorrect answer he slows considerably and his movement  of sweeping back and forth are executed,  just at the right time to put contestants mental alertness through the roof. Anxiety sets in

Tactically he hastened,  as soon as the chasers 2mins appear. Alot less moving going on too. Hmm

We move to the one on on one chase . Andrew standing right beside you. He begins yelling and laughing and flicking around; like he is having some kind of fit.

I struggle to see the benefits of paying him $$$$$$$ to dominate channel seven ..

If I were a contestant i would ask Andrew , be told not to move . As it puts me at a disadvantage.

maybe you haven’t noticed, I bet you will now .



Dis apointed!!!

i wrote of stuffering farmers and water issues .the fact we are killing everything with our consumerism . Nah don’t care ?

so doesn’t matter we are sufferering as a nation , not supporting the primary industries this country was built on. We are so far away and have everything we need here but we export stuff just to import the same shit back made cheap in sweat shops, and I am not talking Australians sweat shop ( no air conditioning) .. Get a grip world !!

We as artist, should be at the forefront .in the war against killing our natural resources .

This is the country that has inspired the uninspirable. Tames the untenable , gentles the beast within us we we connect through nature.

Drain your self on concrete jungle ..

But we are prose that is echoed in the pages of history . Because of the paper that is inked on .

But the more we consume , the more industry damage .. Australia has a fairly decent attitude toward responsibility sorced manufactures. But you might wanna check the rating on your fav clothing retail store . You will be shocked !!!

ever seen the slogan

Fashion victim ?

Wanna know what it means ? It means the children that slave away in their tiny work space with chemicals for 18 hour shifts . As I have mentioned before , Nike a big problem !!!

Just one way they create victims is to employ a factory in a poverty stricken society , set up “job prospects” . place orders that are completely rigid , that if they don’t make dead lines they fine the factory , and so basically they are tricked into the supply chain, then unable to humanly perform the stringent deadlines, then ban the workers getting paid , and use loop holes in contracts for FREE SLAVE LABOUR. Go to Kmart , Bangladesh products . ( recent news story on chemical fire and workers killed)

just please reuse, re purpose. And don’t by disposable objects , learn to make things with the beautiful wool our Merino sheep are exported for!

Bake a cake that comes from a local mill..

have a salad with only locally sorced ingredients . Watch how much we import after trying to find local . And I mean LOCAL produce !! Good luck


Perspective Margaux Hemingway

I get a word of the day sent to me from

my word today is Bruit:

my instant reaction is oh I know what this word means, and my mind processing be odd as it is came up with the conclusion that I didn’t need to read further. But it didn’t stop me thinking about it .

So Google the brut 33 . Or bruit force . But I ask my daughter and she was like I don’t know , beer?

So now having, brut cologne, brute force , and the Brut of champagne , bruit spreading rumour and lastly medically bruit the word of the day.

I am only now learning the way to construct sentences and paragraphs correctly, as is the grammar that we have not been taught correctly in this state. I will admit I did go to thirteen primary school and I do not doubt that caused my illiteraray.

Back to the word , I assosiated to the cologne brut 33 –  and after considerate. So brut being violent?a medical condition or slang term. I found varied spellings and uses seemingly the same word but not .

I find Faberg’e , that is also a collective name that I thought I knew. Thinking of advertising and what it is selling v the product identified.

So for this purpose I will continue on the cologne trail. Being that brute, bruit, now confused.

Brute/ bruit Strong , lingering rumours, arteries narrowing , high heart rate, dry bubbles

Pretty good .

Fun fact back to the Faberg’e brand


was proposed to brand the female scent Babe..

I will keep my eyes out for it .

It is linked to Unilever Australasia. One hundred percent Australian owned . Check their website for the huge range of products, support australian made, and owned.


The dry Farmer

drove up the mountain to beautiful scenes .

tragicly brutal, and this is major to me.

high in the mountains, where the rain should fall, but no sign not much water at all.

fallen trees and dry river beds and dams. people still live in this forgotten land.

forgotten land , the trees with root systems hundreds of years old . Became so brittle with the dry , and their fate was sad.                       looking around at this beautifully vast land .

Watching the farmers doing all they can to produce live stock. And it’s a hard slog that’s been past down as a  primary industry .  We are becoming to dependant on imports and exports . Support th local farmers It is just the sadest thing to see. Animals that suffer too because of the industry.

Baby cows and lambs everywhere. Not enough trees or water anywhere. The all gather under one small tree the last of what’s left nearest the water .

Under a tree, road side one cow baby sitting the kids while the girls go down for a dip.

Came to the weirdest spot . I think they were pine trees along  this huge mountain side. All striped bare not a leaf in sight . But the oddly beauty in front of me inspires the old me . To look what I’ve got

every where all around there are trees ripped from the ground. Seems even they have given up. Native to this country , just can’t survive. But imports seem to thrive. Taking over and greening up the dead. But back to the trees that are stripped bare. And pine forest greenery everywhere. The brittle nails of her hands are snapping off all for the resources but at what cost ?

Australia was built with strong hands that have weathered all kinds of demands.

How many have you gone for a drive into the mountain side, and look what we have done.

Not only must we turn back and restock . Think of all the wonders weve got. But we pay so much money to fly over seas.

overseas is already here. We came on ships and bought with us beer.

No care for environmental cost , it cost you nothing while your not involved. Take your kids out for a drive to the real counrty side.

pretend you have to live like them , the first Australians . I think then you might appreciate , the sacrifices farmers make .

There is so much more I could say but I will leave it for another day .



perfection is perception,

my eyes can see through the pollution that creates a haze .

that can get into your system and turn normal thoughts into radical.

the toxins we seep and take from each other .

I have set my self free from the polluted air.

Country life new chapter apon .

forecasts says low chance of smog as you rise up .

inspired from a quote by Joe Duncan .

” no two human experiences are alike, that’s why you’ve got to listen to the beat of your own heart”


Love lee xox

Feeling like a small child.

leaving this place.

My nanny and poppy , as I say good bye, to my pop I had to keep a smile feeling like that little child .

waving from the back of the car . My heart breaking every wave . But this time I am an adult.

Mo am scared I will never see nan again. She was at the doctors when I left .

Five hundred km away is where my new chaper starts. I will always love you with my full heart .

My daughter now the one driving me away .

i feel so sad it feels like the end , it feels like it will never be the same again.

I sit in the car  with my heart shattering the same as when I was little,… Once more I cry snot comes in streams but all I can do is think of these things . I am scared

I am so scared , I miss my nan and pop already we are only 8 km away from them … This is gunna hurt



This is not face book nor Instagram

this not snap chat or images based

this is a writers space .

I see everyone uses pictures , I stoped using picture books at around 9 .

if people keep dragging images here we will end up the same .

it would be great if we used the word press . For words to express . Pictures might help but they can also deceive.

Covering the bad writing with a picture to make you think of your own , perspective . So the writing is not really on show …



I will be rambling of some maybe random stuff here but I think it’s work investigation.

i refer to two films.

The first , The theory of everything.

then : Lucy.

ok start with the reference to Lucy and the theory is we have as humans only use the 10% of our brains capacity.

as the movie progression Lucy gains more and more brain capacity. To the point when her matter was becoming separated, and that means that she could be everywhere.

Back to Stephen Hawking. Theory of everything progressed, his illness only became apparent after his brain had reached a higher platform. As his brain capacity / power gets stronger, his vessel is breaking down.

So in this generation can you see evolution being apparent ? The “gym/slim” generation . Right theory is time is every thing .

Time … Ok so now think about what we “human” describe an “alien”. Think about the long thin body and large heads . One thing I will say I have looked into most things as we weirdos do . I found a common account of the “abduction”. Firstly you can’t be abducted you must go willingly, they ask telepathically. Ok .

No I am not an alien weirdo I sm a believer of searching for knowledge what ever it maybe.

And they comment that there is s woman present . And she looks normal. They have q commonly to go for childbearing age women.

My theory that they are harvesting eggs from the past to take to “their present” or future. The common message remains the same , environment . OURS.

right so back to this gym gen. Evolution is upon us , so the vessel to support the brain is the body . The body that is getting thinner and taller. And like to admit it or not they are more intelligent . Due to the timing of their birth coincidence with the technology.

So back to Stephen. Has his brain reached the point where he is only just in that vessel when he wants to communicate . Is it possible that we will be able to move more with our brains .. Think about driving a care using a tool, it is an extestion of your brain. Technically you are everywhere , if you chose to stay confirms in a box then you surely are not progressing .

I also had seen a program that you can imagine living an object , this was a toy car or helicopter. The idea is that you can think of the action and it is preformed . What do you think ?

Mo don’t know what I was getting to