Fresh food People….

Apparently the Woolworths brand have no shame in cashing in on every life event that can possibly happen to a person…

” that’s why I pick woollies”

I am over them feeding bullshit.. Husbands and children are not even safe. Personally I have a foxtel subscription and I thought that the point of paying for television omitted advertisement’s of this calibre. Granted they don’t directly market products just the slogan .. Is this ok?

They seem to be able to cater for every occasion. So I wonder how is their fresh food? is that still a thing that they spent millions of dollars on marketing the brand . even going as far as an apple in the logo…..

I am just tired of the marketing ploys these companies will stoop too.

Coles .. Sorry but why pay an overweight has been Casey Donovan to be the voice of your new campaign? It is just not validated. Most people will not recognise her. AT LEAST SHE IS AUSSIE you got that part right props. Is it sending a healthy message? oh who cares about health right? it is all about the bottom dollar. Classy


Leethal Lee…

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