God the answer

Knowledge is not as available as it seems. Government controls our learning, how we live our lives in a “free” society . I don’t know that is it? I don’t think we are truly free . I feel constantly restrained .

you can’t say this you can’t say that  you can’t do this you must do that. To be successful or good or what ever is expected of you .

who said ?

Who makes social conscious , who chooses the way in you must exist.

God !!

god,  is used to cover the questions that are hard to answer, or people simply can’t answer due to their own intellectual progression. If your parents tell you something and you don’t bother investigating. You probably just went ok . And so we have a chain of children believing in God , but are not to believe in their own thoughts. Told not to have an imagination. Don’t worry these things happened up until the 70s .

Children were “adopted” to farm owner that were old and needed help working the farms , these children became slaves, not in the tradition sense but none the less treated second class. And so god, being the all good and mighty. is used to frighten children as a form of punishment .

A little privacy would be nice .. If God is a person.. I actually don’t know but I can say that we didn’t get to were we are because if God it is because of science so how about telling your children the truth, if you don’t know the truth find the answer don’t make it up , challenge your self and your child’s future to become information hungry not thirsty for attention.


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