Sounds of home

The audio reminder that plagues me of regret and comfortable life I had once upon a time .. The story is filled stupidity and has faded tremendously . But what’s left really gets at me …

The sound of the piano keys and the violin. Makes me remember the family I once lived in , the five of us living a life of richness and fine dinning experiences , pretty much eating my way through every thing.

the song play as my tummy feels weird remembering all the things that we the song plays my subconscious takes over . The feeling of cold taking over .

The smell coming from our kitchen feast , sitting in the lounge with just you me and the kids. Watching went worth and feeling the grace of living a life this way .

But when I think back the thing I most miss is the feeling of comfort and of course a kiss .

She was a girl looking to find the love , the love of a life time.

Silly girl fell for me , I tryed hard to set her free.. But insead I let the man go that would have loved me forever so …. I lost out and lost both .

I thought I was done with him, but seems more like I was playing a game.. But I didn’t realize I was the win playing the fool.

My tummy hurts in thinking of these cold memories.time to find a new love and this time appreciate all that he does and don’t  use him like a tool.

she will find true happiness if she just waits ..

For Toya and Andrew



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