At first I thought I would never climb out!

Summiting,  is only for the inexperienced survivor.Only when facing decent, is a true judge of skill and courage.

Landing poorly can cause damage. Land with your feel firmly on the ground, and respecting the climb as you claw your way back out.

If only at this point you reach for the next shelf.

As you set out for the next stage of your climb. Stop…  take a look down see how far you have come, how much you have learnt. You in a better position for pole leader at your own pace.

Remember you were the only one there to pull your self back up , let no one take credit for such tough luck.

But this is not comptetion , this is the home run.

Keep on your gear incase of a fall. You don’t need the same experience as you did from unguided tour .

Summit is like a rainbow ;the father your travel to reach it , the further way it goes.

Dont chase your tail or dreams of others. Your the machine that lights your own Tunnel and fought your way forward. Don’t need no cowards “holding” my hand, stoping my fall.

lime light you want ? This isn’t the climb , maybe go indoor and climb a climbing wall.

inspired by a gentleman from the POF website. Thank you random stranger .


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One thought on “Neverest

  1. Perhaps the best one yet. Thanks to pof too! Remember to keep enjoying your view on the way to the top. Youve come sucha distance and no 2 views will be the same but each rewarding in their own right.

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