Parenting #38

This is a first blog of this nature .if I can manage to gain some interest in a topic I will delight you with an awesome stack of recipes that you can whip your parenting style into shape.

we all just think is too hard. Let’s be honest…. No honest .. most of us mortal beings are not equipt to multitask life. With demands higher than ever to be everything . The perfect mother, perfect chef quality food. (That we mums love to do to show we love them) wife/girlfriend/partner . Boss/employee , best car best house best best best best best!! It is very very exhausting . Once , it was only when we compared our selves with celebrities that the creeping feeling of inadequacy was lurking. But today it is EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. Social media is killing us off.

So what I want to offer is my recipe to living life . Making this especially interesting and  palatable is too remind you that I am 38 years old with my eldest child being 22 yes that’s right and successful as are the 21 and 19 years  old.

General summary. 38 years old now. Three ADULT children ; first born 22 year old daughter

second born 21 year old son

and Baby, 19 also daughter.

I can guide you through the reality of raising children in a diverse living arrangements and parenting partnerships. Here are some to taste : paternal, single, bad, married, gay and fostering children.

The ground work must start somewhere and it’s never to late to re built on solid foundations.I have been focused and with results.  I am a proud young mother that has changed the cycle . I now have individuals that had a choice how they wanted their lives to be .

Then the faze that comes when your children are no longer chicks and have flown on into the world, with their own ambitions and self determination.

It is about giving them the tools but if you give your children tools you your self can not use or have no idea on , how can you help them construct the foundation they and you have been setting up for.

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