Lovelee honey Aus style

Sitting in the kitchen of my grandparents place I looked out the glass door and seen the biggest of bees .

I keep coming back to watch them. still inside I sit down at the door .

i watch them and they see me , coming to the glass they vibrate their wings very loudly .

I  observed them keeping watch . The way they move , is like a hovercraft . The type I am referring to is “ufo” .(I call it just futuristic reasons will become apparent when I share that theory .) So the way they “Hover” and then shoot or dart off in an upward diagonal motion . It is like it is trying to distract you by using sound and senses to throw you off their sudden exit.

So these bees I am referring to particularly are I think . “Native bees” they are large in body and have distinctive big black strip and a thinner one .

It is just some random stuff I think about . Any thoughts ?




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