Flies that lie

ever notice fly behaviour?

well I consiser it a competive sport; believe me you would too in a tin can…(caravan) but this not like a regular caravan it’s a cool caravan .

so summer heat and it incessant humidity. Part of the see Australia campaign . Well they think they have the right to travel . Free of charge mind you in my van !!!

No bloody way mate . Find your own wheels . Back to the story that I started . Now become an expert in squash( haha I and listening to my competition taking out a few)

so anyway, I have black and white  checked laminate on the floor. Black and white, how convenient . It is almost like a chess board of flies, so I notice that the black areas are where you hunt them down. Smart little effers aren’t they.

So they also hide on thin cords and will also use the dead fly as camouflage. Yes !!

So support your local Asian stall for a good old Aussie fly squatter (haha). Just that this is like a complete different topic but I will remind my self by writing this )

grab a couple and swat a fly together as a family . Forget the toxic fly spray and entertain your inner child or a child what ever 🙂

( it is addictive) I am sorry if fly swatting hurts the feelings of a “save the fly” org sorry again but it is apart of Australiana and next time you go to your local bbq bring a few squatters.

Walking with confidence head high and say .” I am here to fuck things up ” peace




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