The Chaser Australia

Firstly , I personally love this show!

Secondly , I don’t like the host Andrew. I never actually have .

I think he enjoys to much self centred tv time .

Seems Andrew wants to be complete centre of attention..

What do you think about his hand geustures?

I tell you what I think !!!  what is happening when he is asking the questions ?

Firstly his dramatic style of asking the question , actually takes more time . dragging out of worlds tactically; Andrewis a smart man he doesn’t get these gigs for nothing .

body language plays an importaint role .Andrews ablity as a professional optical illusionist. While his is moving his hands in tactical manner ; it is distracting your brain .  as your mind is Searching and recalling .but missing importaint  key points due to his expertise in timing and getting results. I am pretty sure he was a lawyer .

This is causing the reflex fight or flight ,as your peripheral vision is being over active in critical recalling seconds. This is a natural response to alarm your brain to be on gaurd of danger.

The contestant is  already in a stressful situation without the added “alertness” he gives with hand gesturing .

Watch his response to the incorrect answer he slows considerably and his movement  of sweeping back and forth are executed,  just at the right time to put contestants mental alertness through the roof. Anxiety sets in

Tactically he hastened,  as soon as the chasers 2mins appear. Alot less moving going on too. Hmm

We move to the one on on one chase . Andrew standing right beside you. He begins yelling and laughing and flicking around; like he is having some kind of fit.

I struggle to see the benefits of paying him $$$$$$$ to dominate channel seven ..

If I were a contestant i would ask Andrew , be told not to move . As it puts me at a disadvantage.

maybe you haven’t noticed, I bet you will now .




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