Perspective Margaux Hemingway

I get a word of the day sent to me from

my word today is Bruit:

my instant reaction is oh I know what this word means, and my mind processing be odd as it is came up with the conclusion that I didn’t need to read further. But it didn’t stop me thinking about it .

So Google the brut 33 . Or bruit force . But I ask my daughter and she was like I don’t know , beer?

So now having, brut cologne, brute force , and the Brut of champagne , bruit spreading rumour and lastly medically bruit the word of the day.

I am only now learning the way to construct sentences and paragraphs correctly, as is the grammar that we have not been taught correctly in this state. I will admit I did go to thirteen primary school and I do not doubt that caused my illiteraray.

Back to the word , I assosiated to the cologne brut 33 –  and after considerate. So brut being violent?a medical condition or slang term. I found varied spellings and uses seemingly the same word but not .

I find Faberg’e , that is also a collective name that I thought I knew. Thinking of advertising and what it is selling v the product identified.

So for this purpose I will continue on the cologne trail. Being that brute, bruit, now confused.

Brute/ bruit Strong , lingering rumours, arteries narrowing , high heart rate, dry bubbles

Pretty good .

Fun fact back to the Faberg’e brand


was proposed to brand the female scent Babe..

I will keep my eyes out for it .

It is linked to Unilever Australasia. One hundred percent Australian owned . Check their website for the huge range of products, support australian made, and owned.



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