Dis apointed!!!

i wrote of stuffering farmers and water issues .the fact we are killing everything with our consumerism . Nah don’t care ?

so doesn’t matter we are sufferering as a nation , not supporting the primary industries this country was built on. We are so far away and have everything we need here but we export stuff just to import the same shit back made cheap in sweat shops, and I am not talking Australians sweat shop ( no air conditioning) .. Get a grip world !!

We as artist, should be at the forefront .in the war against killing our natural resources .

This is the country that has inspired the uninspirable. Tames the untenable , gentles the beast within us we we connect through nature.

Drain your self on concrete jungle ..

But we are prose that is echoed in the pages of history . Because of the paper that is inked on .

But the more we consume , the more industry damage .. Australia has a fairly decent attitude toward responsibility sorced manufactures. But you might wanna check the rating on your fav clothing retail store . You will be shocked !!!

ever seen the slogan

Fashion victim ?

Wanna know what it means ? It means the children that slave away in their tiny work space with chemicals for 18 hour shifts . As I have mentioned before , Nike a big problem !!!

Just one way they create victims is to employ a factory in a poverty stricken society , set up “job prospects” . place orders that are completely rigid , that if they don’t make dead lines they fine the factory , and so basically they are tricked into the supply chain, then unable to humanly perform the stringent deadlines, then ban the workers getting paid , and use loop holes in contracts for FREE SLAVE LABOUR. Go to Kmart , Bangladesh products . ( recent news story on chemical fire and workers killed)

just please reuse, re purpose. And don’t by disposable objects , learn to make things with the beautiful wool our Merino sheep are exported for!

Bake a cake that comes from a local mill..

have a salad with only locally sorced ingredients . Watch how much we import after trying to find local . And I mean LOCAL produce !! Good luck



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