The dry Farmer

drove up the mountain to beautiful scenes .

tragicly brutal, and this is major to me.

high in the mountains, where the rain should fall, but no sign not much water at all.

fallen trees and dry river beds and dams. people still live in this forgotten land.

forgotten land , the trees with root systems hundreds of years old . Became so brittle with the dry , and their fate was sad.                       looking around at this beautifully vast land .

Watching the farmers doing all they can to produce live stock. And it’s a hard slog that’s been past down as a  primary industry .  We are becoming to dependant on imports and exports . Support th local farmers It is just the sadest thing to see. Animals that suffer too because of the industry.

Baby cows and lambs everywhere. Not enough trees or water anywhere. The all gather under one small tree the last of what’s left nearest the water .

Under a tree, road side one cow baby sitting the kids while the girls go down for a dip.

Came to the weirdest spot . I think they were pine trees along  this huge mountain side. All striped bare not a leaf in sight . But the oddly beauty in front of me inspires the old me . To look what I’ve got

every where all around there are trees ripped from the ground. Seems even they have given up. Native to this country , just can’t survive. But imports seem to thrive. Taking over and greening up the dead. But back to the trees that are stripped bare. And pine forest greenery everywhere. The brittle nails of her hands are snapping off all for the resources but at what cost ?

Australia was built with strong hands that have weathered all kinds of demands.

How many have you gone for a drive into the mountain side, and look what we have done.

Not only must we turn back and restock . Think of all the wonders weve got. But we pay so much money to fly over seas.

overseas is already here. We came on ships and bought with us beer.

No care for environmental cost , it cost you nothing while your not involved. Take your kids out for a drive to the real counrty side.

pretend you have to live like them , the first Australians . I think then you might appreciate , the sacrifices farmers make .

There is so much more I could say but I will leave it for another day .



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