Love lee xox

Feeling like a small child.

leaving this place.

My nanny and poppy , as I say good bye, to my pop I had to keep a smile feeling like that little child .

waving from the back of the car . My heart breaking every wave . But this time I am an adult.

Mo am scared I will never see nan again. She was at the doctors when I left .

Five hundred km away is where my new chaper starts. I will always love you with my full heart .

My daughter now the one driving me away .

i feel so sad it feels like the end , it feels like it will never be the same again.

I sit in the car  with my heart shattering the same as when I was little,… Once more I cry snot comes in streams but all I can do is think of these things . I am scared

I am so scared , I miss my nan and pop already we are only 8 km away from them … This is gunna hurt



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