I will be rambling of some maybe random stuff here but I think it’s work investigation.

i refer to two films.

The first , The theory of everything.

then : Lucy.

ok start with the reference to Lucy and the theory is we have as humans only use the 10% of our brains capacity.

as the movie progression Lucy gains more and more brain capacity. To the point when her matter was becoming separated, and that means that she could be everywhere.

Back to Stephen Hawking. Theory of everything progressed, his illness only became apparent after his brain had reached a higher platform. As his brain capacity / power gets stronger, his vessel is breaking down.

So in this generation can you see evolution being apparent ? The “gym/slim” generation . Right theory is time is every thing .

Time … Ok so now think about what we “human” describe an “alien”. Think about the long thin body and large heads . One thing I will say I have looked into most things as we weirdos do . I found a common account of the “abduction”. Firstly you can’t be abducted you must go willingly, they ask telepathically. Ok .

No I am not an alien weirdo I sm a believer of searching for knowledge what ever it maybe.

And they comment that there is s woman present . And she looks normal. They have q commonly to go for childbearing age women.

My theory that they are harvesting eggs from the past to take to “their present” or future. The common message remains the same , environment . OURS.

right so back to this gym gen. Evolution is upon us , so the vessel to support the brain is the body . The body that is getting thinner and taller. And like to admit it or not they are more intelligent . Due to the timing of their birth coincidence with the technology.

So back to Stephen. Has his brain reached the point where he is only just in that vessel when he wants to communicate . Is it possible that we will be able to move more with our brains .. Think about driving a care using a tool, it is an extestion of your brain. Technically you are everywhere , if you chose to stay confirms in a box then you surely are not progressing .

I also had seen a program that you can imagine living an object , this was a toy car or helicopter. The idea is that you can think of the action and it is preformed . What do you think ?

Mo don’t know what I was getting to



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