Under the rug

Seen a quote today and it said:” if you believe in the mystical, the mystical will believe in you .”

after all that’s happened today and all that’s going on, I feel like I have created a problem, by doing nothing wrong.

i listen to nature and hold it close to me .

Sitting here after the facts I spoke created a massive crack. The crack the broke the camels back that’s me .

So upset at my self for telling truth I sceamed it out in front of you . My nan and pop and that’s something you should never do .. Never tell pop

nan and pop very sick , I am leaving and worried about mum being here. Doing it on her own .

So called names and told to fuck off, how dare you write on face book you have been having it off !! WHAT, yes since you were nine… You fucking liar…HAVING IT OFF WHAT THE FUCK .

So the story unfolds sitting here there in her car, that was paid for by her pa , mind  you he’s a Paedophile convicted, some one even killed him ! So she is happy to stand up for everyone else but lee the liar . I am pretty sure I would be concerned her children are apart of our family .

Back to the start I always miss my point .

Sitting in my caravan feeling in pain. And out of now where rain,.

there is a thinderstorm above us now helping me get this out , she is stomping and rustling and crashing around , weeping heavy drops that dry as soon as they hit the ground. But the breeze of her cosseting my child and rocking me .with her support I can weather this storm.

Just another interesting thin . As soon as I started this thing .a random dog stayed by my side and left as soon as I was fine .



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