Puddle duck

Sitting here I ponder , rain makes a pond.

i hold my hands up to catch some in my palms, Angels  tear drops dropping to feed my soul.

All the seeds that have been planted are getting watered in .

Back to the puddle I want to play in.

i ain’t afraid of dirt, I ain’t afraid of mud. I am prepared for anything . I have been through Maitland flood. Two girls trapped and all the men left.

No water , power or sewer to drain, the place was a natural disaster zone. Again now one else but us two . It has always been that way you have never left my side.

mud and water all around . …

Some mud sticks … But not on me this time round. It looks more like shit , shit all round.

I stir the water with my finger and it drips of clear … I wonder how many of you can do the same …

As I said before I wanted to play . But if you wanna bend the rules . It don’t work that way. I am crystal I am clean . I am invisable but I can sing  .  tell me you can do the same . Dip your finger and let’s see who comes up clean .



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