read what you just read .


if it were not for you, reading me . Or me reading you . What entrainment would we have?

Television is not Magic . It happened from the brain of a person whom wrote something .

So that be the formulation of the mechanics and engineering . Not to mention electrical currents all written for reference .

Now we have media all around . But no one around .

Let’s connect but only on line. again  it was something I seen today .

people have become so casual and semi permenant that we don’t even save their name or their number.

It seems that human relations are really becoming so basic .

as we all now are so independent/ dependant . depending on what side of the fence you are on.

But the point I am trying to convey is that ;making contact with ONE person . is not , personal until it is fullon personal. as personal as you can get .. Right so you are just a hole to be plugged or a plug filling a hole . It is a sad fact.your a fuck

relationships are a strange thing. it is called socialisation. And without contact ,a human baby can die if it has not been held enough.

And we use social media for our fore play and contact a random for sex, never to speak again . Like primary school , you are going  out so that means never go near them .

so sex is the driving force for human contact . Yet we live on social media to “connect” but never on a personal level.we use each other . But we have a child that needs love inside each of us.

Writers expess the things we all want to be able to be , ok I am struggling for the word as I try to express the expression.

Ah got it articulate gggggg

so most like me .can’t  (that word ..) How they feel . for the worry of judgment from those whom they don’t know, I mean KNOW … Tell me someone you actually know !!!

You cant , every one is individual you can’t know every thing about someone . You probably don’t know your self !!! as much as you would like to think .

Different social situations and home persona are all roles played in life .

point bipolar lee!!!

please help an art form that is a drain to do for some. because of the emotional content .i just think we writers must push it in the faces of watchers.. that are watching what we write .but we get no credit and starve  while the box office spews money !!



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