Dish rag

feathers found in the park, laying all around. Hiding in the grass just as the leaves fall .

the blood shed from my womb and new faze apon.

the dog with the blue and white spots, that came for me yesterday. It is like she came to take my blues away. As soon as I calmed down the dog just simply left .

The supermoon from last week has brang every thing into the light.

We have been waiting For this change to push forward. And have been bombarded with the cycle complete all in a day all in a week, it has been actually a long time but feels so fast.

every thing around is telling me to let go. Last week I was a Shepard to my sheep now I have no little lambs to keep.

The vicious attacks from dogs that can’t be tamed , need to be let out their precious cage . So you can be seen as you are , sly and foxy .

You aired  me , like a wrung out rag. left on the line to rot and fade. In the sun… But I ain’t the soft one

my shit is hanging out to see. Transparency is my care .

Don’t you wish you didn’t start this with lee.

The nature called in and sang me a tune and the rolling thunder gave me a shout out .

moistened the sponge .that you are to me . dirty , harbouring gems. Soft sponge!

Just so you will never be as hard as me !



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