made up

Beauty is all around making it no longer the gem . Polished and timeless. Beauty is now just a rock being just the same as the rest.

So painted faced just like a doll, production line model. Painted nails and then coloured hair but it didn’t stop there . The list of accessories just keeps getting longer. Every little girl wants to be just like her.

glamour, class , style and grace . Are things things that have been miss’placed. There is nothing wrong with being plain. Plain is only as plain as you think you see.

and given we only use technology, to find our mate ..

Don’t get confused with the two dimensions that you see. You can’t photograph or encase me .

to many times have I been zapped. Learnt a lesson I wish I had never had. are created by pressure and the hardening over time. Worth the work to polish and hold up to the light.

my eyes see a rainbow. And the end is in  my site. My hand reached out to grab the ream. Colours like a kaleidoscope changing moment to moment.



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