Where the wild things are.

I don’t usually share these things , I don’t usually care . I am known to be a lot of things , but never really been known.

i am one of those people you love , or love to hate. Thirteen primary schools never really having a friend.

thrown around around to family members always being alone . Feeling isolated and really , never knew where to call home .

But I never felt cheated or poor me. I always felt I was lucky to have such a family that was so whole, lucky littlele.

the 90s came and gone with out a second thought, only of fun and laughs and the names I was called.

I lived with my grandparents, so I could stay at the same school. I have always been told that I need a kick in the ass. Not by nan and pop but everyone else around.That little lee is the biggest menic in this town. Stay away from my children , your band from the shops. Come in again and I will call the cops.

So back to the begining of the story I am trying to portray . Is that some or us are lucky to have .. 11:11 am….

Mph gosh I am sorry I will have to start again . Where was,  I ah , I see. We we were talking about the trouble of little lee.

nan and pop are 80 plus years old. But I can still remember them being my nanny and poppy when I was 5 years old.  Back to the point lee real quick .

Now in my late 30s , it all comes back. And backwards too. Now it is me helping my nan tie up her shoes, and mowing pops lawn that it is just to hot for him to do.

six children they raised and they all married . On average 3 carriages each. Some of these babies even have grown up to teach. So that generation of three or more each.

Now we have next generation come along . Babies to teenagers , so a big family. They all work and have their own families. But they seem to forget how we got to this place .

Betty and victor . Mum and dad. Nan and Pop. Grand Ma and grand pa . Old nan and pop. List goes on.

But no one comes here , full stop




One thought on “Where the wild things are.

  1. “I’ve been know to be a lot of things, but never really known.”

    Powerful painful and sadly so true for you. Your strength and beauty lies beyond the surface however is ill matched for this current time. That fact pains me.
    Keep writing for I really believe through your struggle beauty and peace can be found in your words. Words can be healing both to read and write so your serving a purpose greater than yourself. My own reflection from this is I do need to get there more. Getting caught up is easy your words serve as a light to reflect and make a change too. I’m positive what you write, this and more would have even more profound impacts on others. Let your pain bring you purpose and keep writing. I hope this makes sense. Your words are wonderful…. raw, painful and tough sometimes but always useful. Love xx

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