To the right,  Gorgeous match trees in perfect line . on the left,  a big blue sign . That could be mistaken for the southern cross. Crossing the bridge that acts like a moat, to see the lights along the shore.

Over the bridge and just into town, more lights all around . a traffic signal, be sure to slow down. If I were you .I wouldn’t stop . If you do you’ll  get bogged.

Well guess what I stopped.

shovels come thick and fast . here to help ya’ outta the hole.But they gave me the shovel with a lot of holes. I am never getting outta this using this sive.

Pats on the back DONT worry mate. We’ll help you , but ya might have to wait . Mate , we are all here  same boat.

Waiting waiting , it’s been about a year. All my friends seem to have  disappeared.. I look about and reality kicks it . The mud has sucked me down pulled me in ..

So I went to bunnings, and there are no tools on the shelf . I call the staff to ask for help, ” excuse me ? When do you think you’ll be restocking the shelves? The staff person looks at me blank. “Sorry if it’s not on the shelf that’s all we had” and I ask for the next hardware store. And the the response was this is all we have and got no more . We once had a masters store , but recently it shut it’s doors .

Have you tried On line pawn sites? Oh no by that I meant buy swap and sell. Most people say they do quite well, to find what they need at a great price . Most people buy things without thinking twice. Unfortunatly they can’t afford these things. So most people are flexible with price . There is so much to offer for sale in this small town. But there are no jobs to be found. Looks like brand new this week, sold the next for half the price.

Really ….. at what cost , is this town selling so cheap ?



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