ICE # 7 network

I don’t usually subject my self to the trash of commercial television. But minding my own business waiting for my pop . I switched on to watch the chaser … Cool

so doing my crocheting and listening to the adverts, my ears prick at the Ray martin voice over (60 minutes) so he continues to run a commentary on this show ..

Making it a normal part of every day life  . Like it is ok !  I bet they have not suffered at the hands of someone they love , after this poison hit our streets .

I hope the revenue that this show raises, it going towards treatment centres, support for the families and loved ones . That despite every appearance this person is just no longer “human”. The things that make us human, is empathy and belonging to a society .

With  that said , I have a violent account of what it has done to my own family . And my friends children , or partner. Problem is it is the easiest drug to get your hands on . Kids take it to school, twirling is or was as popular as twerking! And has became just as acceptable.

i never touched it but it found my family and tore it apart . And went through a break down because of the torture we were subjected too.

Then I would be called a crack head !!! What I have a mental illness and your sitting there looking like a skeleton .

the next thing is I lost my partner of ten years , on Valentine’s day 2016 . Yes this year .(ANDREW the best man I have ever known )! He was a very active guy and loved his job . He was a scaffolder from the age of 16 , just loved it !!

Long story short , he was involved in a car accident and hurt his back. Work was his life . So we had been separated by distance but never by love. He was staying with his sister in housing commission home, Raymond Terrace.

Let just say disfictional is normal. After loosing his wife, his job, his car, and chronic pain. He now starts to self medicate.

Thing is I was just like everyone else , thought he was mental , he would say that he can hear voices. It was frightening looking into his childlike eyes, trying to concentrate on what he was hearing . Doctors and mental Heath just said  that he has suffered psychosis . That was his diagnosis and that’s that !

So treated like an idiot , getting abused by family (sisters) taken advantage of $300,000 . With none left in 3 years … And 2 months later  he was gone .

This man suffered an aneurysm, could we still have him? What if they took his “voice” and other symptoms . Would he still be here?

My children’s father ( not the above man , Andrew was their dad)

went to prison for 12 months for the home invasion on my self and his youngest daughter , with our own baseball bat. I won’t ho in to it at this stage , I don’t know you well enough 🙂

what is the good of this programme ? What are they trying to get out of it ? There is enough crap about it .

Government envolved? Chemical warfare.???

They thought only low income and uneducated  would be effected. But guess what? The generation we have is one of a greed and envy. And no one is to poor or to rich, good /bad  it doesn’t discriminate.unlike the government . education won’t help. It’s to late, when their own children started to twirl “they” , decided they had better do something.

Think of the liberal government , tony Abbott , only interested in the formally educated individuals . Problem with this you cave man, is that art and freedom creates the new way forward, the outside thinking is what’s needed. The  perspective replacement , should be different .



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