Bottled water …

natural resource that is  packaged and marketed to us ?  The alternate product comes from the tap ,  not only has no effort in preperation, but it is FREE.

The impact in this seemingly small choice. Has actually inherite massive consequences.

production of water ?? Yes

Firstly We have the drilling underground , then packaging, transportation and chilled at the lovely cost of average $3.20.au. Australians spent a whopping 2billion dollars on bottled water (2015) And this production cost to environment is creating over 60,000 tons of greenhouse gas (Australia alone) . But of course it doesn’t end there .we are not satisfied with Aussie water . Let’s just have imported water from, Fiji, Italy, France and Switzerland. But Hang on .we can just turn on a tap ?

Now I am super guilty of this  but on a positive I do recycle , not that it undoes the damage ,and to be honest. I am starting to think some recycling is far more damaging . As industry uses far like a 100000 times more resources to manufacture, package,transport. Resorces have to be changed to a more sustainable all through the cycle.

This trend is the opposite to the Colgate adds from the 80’s this has been a huge topic for some time , fluoride and the effects .

the manufacturing and transport of the plastic bottles requires 460,000 barrels of crude OIL…. So is this a political agenda for the oil companies and government?  Less than 40% of these bottles are recycled , leaving the remainder of 60% floating in Our waterways or landfill!!

Ok there is so much more to this than I first gave it credit for . The topic has been all day on my mind , I started writing this early this morning . The fact is I am a sucker for statistics so I have been looking over them all day . Why must my brain work like this ??? Ahhhh!!!!!!!



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