Watching Gruen transfer, series 2 #ABC presenter , Dee Madigan

discussions on advertising actors , the woman on the panel pipes up smiling and thinking she was quirky and fun .( Dee)She proceeds to tell a story , her advertising art department bosses called her in and had a line up of bikini model  , ok … So she is ready to work , then, Dee was told from this director” I was just bored.”. (So we just call people in for entertainment) . So the response of the cast (Gruen)yeah ok in fun (maybe ) found it funny. but as we know people make fun of the truth , as to not take responsiblity .so these advertising executives play with people on so many levels , what a filthy perverted company I will be chasing it up . I am so angry that she participated knowing what was going on . That is sexualisation and these are actors trying to get somewhere. And really this is the way they are manipulated .

i will be back with more info !

( this was filmed 2009 )



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