1900 premium number( sex lines yeah)

ok these ads are so vile . Ok perspective is everything my dear.

my personal  opitions with these numbers , are actually based on personal experience.

So 11pm/12am your sitting back relaxing you kids are asleep so is your man…. And bam!!!! Your getting sold sex , my reaction is change the channel, oh it isn’t long before I am told again to call the line .

right so my husband could be sitting here watching TV while I am asleep , next minute jacking off to some slag over the phone .

whats worse is that these numbers are advertised in editorials designed to inform and empower women. ( this is bullshit)

Ok this happened to me in my early 20’s in maybe 1999/2000. I wake up in the middle of the night turn over for a cuddle … Feeling around , he’s not in bed …. So I get up , and walk down the hallway toward the kitchen. And there he is . standing in the door frame of the kitchen, his back is turned , bare skinned to but pants on.

i come closer, he turns around with the look of guilt , slowly placing the phone back on the reciever and moving away from the phone. What are you doing ? I scream!!

He casually says” I am talking to a friend” , ok  so you are calling a friend in the middle if the night  with your cock out !!!!

nothing ……. I pick up the reciever and dial redial button.  “hello” is a seductive husky voice on the other end . Repeats “hello”

i couldn’t believe it .I felt so hurt.. I snapped ! Slamming down the phone , screaming that she was  a dirty slut … Shane stands there nothing to say ….

These number came from MY Cleo, and Cosmo magazine.

This has effected me since then , trust issues and NEVER purchase those magazines again.

but we must love and trust each other is women , men are not the only ones that can make you feel beautiful. Tell someone that they are beautiful and mean it , watch TV and instead of hating her, love her look past her face look into her eyes or listen to her voice .

Please ponder



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