My gypsy caravan

the wind blows , and caresses my van

singing the jingle jangles chimes floating in the wind, mother natures band plays. She plays often. it is the tune especially for me  and my gypsy caravan

Irish music, puffs of smoke. Nag champa bellowing from her chimney, a small succession of fires all of natural herb. Wacky old gypsy caravan

the sequence laden curtains, gold streams hung. Just so it catches the sun.. All in the gypsy caravan



2 thoughts on “My gypsy caravan

  1. I love the ambience of this…. I can feel the suns warmth, summer breeze and smell the burning fires 😆 Captured a gypsy life and created a nice sense of whimsical envy. My favorite because of how it makes me feel.

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