Independent choices

Girls, they have skills . From criminal pickpocketing to prostitution oldest of trade, sell your time that’s how money is made .

So independent and naturally strong, hundreds of years this has been going on .

But now we barter , coz before you men thought you owned us and took it all.

this country is full of convicts, people scratch there heads to contemplate , how it is we have got this way.

reverting back to natures intention. There is no one around to watch over us. The wardens all sailed home , prisoners left to fend for them selves…. And this is the start of the devil takes control , tells us what we wanna know .

one big convict revolution. Causing distaste and confusion. Taking what they want , but never giving back.

Sent the blackfellas packing. Whites take stock . Oh dear tide has turned and rewound the clock .

now we have a fleet of coloured people are sailing in.

White man ” stop those boats”

Native man ” eye for an eye brother” let em in !


sorry a little jumpy but it just came out this way and I didn’t think editing would help x



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