Super fly

I should have avoided those super fly men. Those guys that we all know what I’ll never call again.

these days they call ’em selves fuck boys, haha makes me laugh

all big boys with a rep to uphold, but get em alone and they unravel real quick .

Boys you think you deserve a centrefold, but when you unpack your junk it just doesn’t roll .

careful what you wish for , the bed is made and your about to be a star grabbing the sheets and pulling them apart , you realise you ain’t Her only jack , this keyboard has had its keys smashed off and I think there could be a bottle top.

What happen to wanting style class and grace ? Oh that’s right you like the slurries , is that named after slushys … That lie to your face, take your money and pregnant each month of they year, funny how no baby appears .



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