No place like

Line up take your number

no idle chitchat

stand in unison

do not stray

herd is moving

stay with the mob

you turn your head ,to check the scenery…

you are sure to get lost

stay on path

follow the signs.

bricks and mortar

chachang cha Chang

your not in the wizard of oz, Christ girl , get off the grass.

You have been told before to follow the path

Dorrothy your in Kansas.

get back out with those sheep,.you little girl are not Mary . Or even little bow peep.

plain old Dorothy that’s who you are , get that dog and keep him in toe toe.


these shoes hurt my feet , Dorothy keeps dreaming that the shoes are a perfect fit. red and shiny but my poor feet ..

I will take them off for a little bit .

Those shoe are not ruby at all . Those sisters sold them to me after the ball .



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