Naughty one

Always the blame, she is always the culprit

where there is trouble she seems to find it

she is a constant reminder , of bad influenced kid

setting standards high, as the little cunt she is , theif troublemaker and big mouthed.

news flash , I am no longer the naughty kid, you all still believe I am .

actually I am a self educated woman with openess of mind. You don’t realise that time doesn’t erase, your filthy taunts.

you all think your shit don’t stink , haha you all graze from the same field .

we are not less in value because we have less money. Heart is beating for love and legacy .

building your dream , but constantly paying the price.

we are all free with choices , it is hard to see the city lights binding you 24 hours a day .

you work to pay for a home for someone else to live in, so you work to rent a home someone else owns





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