March in time

Yes Hitler, heir Hitler

march in time, Heir Hitler

stay in line.

dont glance sideways-

walk in unison

blinkers, blunders, Blind

stay in line , follow the rest.

you question us , you annoying peasant!

Jew, Jews you filthy smart ass you, pulled from formation and left by the wayside, to rot and decay.

incaserated, asylums filled to the brim, see how many Jews we fit in.

fable inmates behind these walls, built here to protect us all .

Crazy crazy, you all point and stare.but crazy is a made up thing.

crazy crazy, whom is lucid ?

Lead by and army of sheep and no Shepard. Why would you believe what they say but not I?

oh I see you have been manipulated and fed lies….and now your angry with me , for being my self and it comes naturally.

how silly ewes are, letting and ram down your throat, and your bed, head?



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