Emus love sand

Come on , come close. I dare you. piss me off any more and I will fucking destroy  you !!

I don’t give a fuck who you are, I never stop , and think that far.

before you know it ,I will have you in my hands. like a pitbull I can’t loose my grip

you will have to sever something from your self . I suggested you leave me alone before this occurs.

Treat me as a normal girl, like you once did .

Now you all think I am an adolescent disabled kid. Put her on the little yellow bus… This kids causes too much fuss.

challenged mentally from your ridicule and neglect. I ask for help .

not one person raised their heads.

stay in the sandbox where you belong…. Tiny segregated space with limited mental stimulation, haha your the only ones confined.

i am glad you live , in your tiny world.

stay out of mine !!!



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