You are living

you are breathing, I know it is hard at times.

Inhale inhale . You are breathing,; just…. Almost like drowning, as I struggle for my breath; it is trapped in my chest .

i can’t breathe , I am now physically effected.

weaknened knees and scattered thoughts, hot flash runs straight through me.

i struggle for breath… Harder and harder as I try and gain control.

i think this time it is real!

i am not breathing , I am drowning

my tummy aches and is in knots, I think this is it , this time , time will stop !

nope I am still alive, I can breathe.


This piece is dedicated to my grand mother she suffered from a hernia that presses on her heart and lung at aged 79 they won’t opperate as it is dangerous but , strongest woman I know xox love you nan ( betty)




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