Mother Nature has cleansed my home…. Taking away all the negativity and ruptured over the Ocean .

she has cleansed, her fragrance is sweet gardenia and jasmine notes in delicate a hue.

washed with wicked anger and pure frustration that Her children resign to listen.

she weeps , silent tears on some days , and the bright sun over shadows her sorrows.

its now to much , too much for her to stay strong , her hurt is prevalent, temper is now extreme from years of neglect , disrespect and heart ache , cracking under pressure, plates are coping it !

She screams for help but everyone runs , running for cover . She has no shoulder to cry , their not listening .

all she wants is to be herd and treated with respect, look at all the things I have provided you with. And for what ?

All you do is run when I scream for help, can’t you see my temper is flaring?

cant you see my world is coming down , I only exist to be there for you , but you all turn your back .

this is why I am now furious and will take it out on your entire family from A to Z

i have given you every opportunity to heal and be aware. Warnings have been coming for some time now, but you chose not to perceive .

you will learn you lessons the hard way , but you have no right to enjoy my beauty when it suits .

If you can love and respect me then you can bask in my gifts , if not please don’t ask for my help.

when your well is dry and your crops won’t grow, remember you reap what you sew, I will weep soft tears , not enough for you to enjoy , but enough to remind you of how special it was to have her in your life .


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