About me …

So I am seeing a couple of likes and I thank you very much , it really does make me feel valued , and that my friends is massive !!

I don’t want to sob on , but last year my life took a turn for the unusual ( not pleasantly) I will add .

my name is Lee a 38 year old woman , I have three children whom now believe it or not are all adults my eldest daughter is 22 , my son is 20 and my youngest daughter 19 . All to the same father just to clarify. I had all three under 3 at the time I was 19 years old .

Yes baby raising babies , that aside. my relationship with the children’s father was what you would call toxic ( domestic violence) , and just bullying attitude. I was trapped as far as I could see.

So back to last years events :

skip to 2015 April ; Maitland gets a flood : I had been living in Gillieston Heights for around 6/7 years . We are between Maitland and Kurri Kurri . Normal day/night yes raining .. Next morning sorry roads are closed, water is everywhere , we have been turned into an island , it was quite beautiful at first seeing the power of nature at it rawness and disappointment in us .

So we went home not thinking to much into it , that would prove to be the unraveling of lee .

Fast forward to May , #home invasion , #WRX stolen, #hospitalisation, #criminalrecord , #homeless, #mentalillness, #alienation and #hopeless # drugdependant.

Life no longer suburbia perfect .

is this interesting ? if so like me do I can keep you in the loop !



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