The Art’O’fish-all intelligence

so my very first blog !!


I hope to capture you with perspective , and see how perspective changes . So I will discuss now the title of the blog .

i am not at all certain of how this thing really works but this morning I had a brain storm …. I have been writing now for about 12 /14 months and I have found it a challenge in that is  ;ok the challenge is if no one wants to hear my voice why would you want to read my words ?

Good question ? Well it is more of an expression on intrest and view  point . See we all are interesting beings , each one Individual but being individual is the same  as every other individual right ? So what’s so interesting in the concept of being individual or confined ?

The Art O fish -all intelligence

the art of fishing the real information , again it is perspective and its variables , no topic is black and white yet we seem to just take the coffee or milk covered information and mix it with other information and it becomes murky.

but the only murky things should be the things that you have not investigated your self , this means life this means live this means flexibility to life and not being subdued by the weight of concrete .

so for the sake of the art of conversation , and communication is a huge topic that I will be discussing  . So opinionated ? Or is it something else ?

So first take has probable confused you more that clarified what the putpose of the blog is . Maybe follow and see what’s next ?

I hope you have done thing to ponder with my few words




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