feet !

So being a women , I will be the first to admit that I have dabbled in the astrology genre . ( don’t we all think we know something about our future by the astrology )

Is there any merit in the things that star gazers preject?

Well;  in thinking about this little problem of mine , I Going to put under question and placing some of my own  perspective on a said subject , (insert my issue ). and now back to what astrologers have said. ( no one in particular ) but certain signs can accumulate similar physical symptoms.

So being a Pisces star sign born in March . I once read my “future” being a 20 something .

I read one of those little books in 2001/2 that “predict” your love life, your career , health and cash flow .. Alright!!!! it is not rocket science right ?  To make assumptions that can be interpreted by only perspective . Right , ok .. So now 2016 what 15 years on , I had read that maybe as a Pisces sign may show health problems and  aches of the feet . Mmmm really ???

So looking down at my feet I am not at all impressed with the sight of the unsightly ew. So I have  these two very different but uncomfortable contition that are based where ? You guessed it my feet .. So these are my two issues ; one : an ugly pointy second toenail( looks like a unicorn) this is an ingrown toenail yuk.

and two: a patch of ventricular  warts that you can’t see but can feel .. Now I am a lady that likes to sport sandals, bare feet  and thongs as much as the nex chick( esp, in Australia being so hot ) we like to have our lovely feet painted and looking nice. , yeah right .( not happening atm due to unicorn) . So now I wonder if this is from environmental cause !!

Maybe this one I could call commercialism , the commercialism of your own personal grooming .mmm so has this movement created my issues ? I ask that question because if I had not have read that artical 15 years ago , would I have these issues?

Why would that matter,???   what has that got to do with my foot problems ?

Maybe nothing at all , maybe everything !

Just maybe, because I thought about caring for my feet.  That idealisum  took me to places that may not have been the healthiest optiion?

Should should I have stayed clear of the salons and only looked after my own feet !

Could this have effected the outcome of my now problematic tootsies..????

Ponder away Lovlees 😉



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