Banned The costs

Banned , mmmm there are a few topics that come to mind here that have a personal tender point.

There are maybe more than the black and White , banned, or banished form somewhere, banned from holding a licence, banning can also be strength and community .

It is both binding and dividing restricting also flexible ? Confused yet ? So what is it that banning is to me in this selected moment; thinking about the sense of the word . I am going to discuss my licence banning .

So young woman 38 held her licence for say 17 years . So I have been paying for this privilege to access my own freedom . What ?

So consider this if by this small gesture (seeming) loss of licence is like the loss of wings . That means I have a diminished ability to access the services and lesure opportunities . You could say well it is my own fault . Yes it is I am not saying I am innocent , I hope that’s clear ? But the fact that without due personal cause on the basis of predecessors the fate of our freedom has succum to the costs of purchasing a licence, paying tax on your vehicle , road side services, registration, insurances , fuel tax, parking meters, road tolls and I suppose the list can go on and on .

So PAYING for all of this stuff still doesn’t pay for freedom . We have all been BANNED into a believed system of never asking why or who made up the rules . So we run through the day on automatic (programmed by environment) and we are living in a banned life for by allowing the restrictions from the masses banning together for the #art o fish all intelligence

and giving us a false sense of righteousness from our achievements only that are measurable from the “train” effect.

please follow my blog my next topic is Train effect vs sailing !

Thank you lovelees



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